We make overprints, with an innovative DTG technology using Kornit Breeze machine, which guarantees a maximal durability and highest quality of overprints, at an affordable price. We can print every pattern, keeping the printing precision untouched.

Overprints on provided fabrics

We fill individual orders, regardless of their size, on different types of fabrics (cotton, ployester, polycotton, leather, sateen, linen, jeans, lycra, silk, viscoze and wool) which after the printing retain their quality, even after repeated washing. 

Overprints on own fabrics

We offer overprint on fabrics available at the website. There is a great variety of high quality clothing and underwear for men, women and children, as well as accessories (pillows, aprons, bags) to choose from. Textiles are provided by prestigious brand Fruit of the Loom. The pattern for printing can be made single-handedly in the creator, sent in a file or used from the portfolio.


Kornit Breeze machine, designed specially with textile overprints in mind, guarantees repeated, high quality overprints. Our work is based on NeoPigment technology, assuring much longer durability of overprints than in case of traditional solutions. We make overprints in full CMYK color with saturated, vivid tones and tonal transitions. Thanks to the elimination of preparation costs, the printing becomes profitable also in case of limited orders. 

We invite all companies for a fixed collaboration, especially clothing and advertising companies, with high demand for clothing with the highest quality individual overprints.