Digital to Garment print is an innovative technology of adorning and marking garment and it’s one of the fastest developing  type of print in clothing industry. There are many benefits awaiting our individual and business customers, ordering DGT prints:

1. Competitive prices – this method allows to eliminate preparation costs, which are significant in case of others types of printing, such as serigraph printing.

2. Quality – the most distinctive feature of our prints is their particularity and saturation of the colors.

3. Possibilities – the patterns can have color gradations, which can’t be achieved with any other technique.

4. Repeatability – each and every time, we are sure of excellent effects of printing process.

5. Long-lasting prints – they are resistant to scraping, washing and fading, even throughout years.

6. Universalism – digital print can be applied to almost all fabrics (cotton, polyester, mixture of cotton and polyester, leather, satin, flax, jeans, lycra, silk, viscose, wool and many others)

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